Time to be dissatisfied

Time to be dissatisfied

2nd May 2016

The Problem

Just over a week ago I had an appointment with the hospital.  This appointment was the beginning of trying to rectify a long history of a physical aliment I had been "coping" with for a while... um lets just say probably five years or so!

If you didn't pick it up by my last sentence - I am not the best at going to the Doctor.  I prefer to ignore the problem and hope it goes away.  However this problem wasn't going away but in fact getting slowly worse.  Again, instead of going to the Doctor I started to adjust my life around it.  Even if it meant being uncomfortable and sometimes in pain.  I know some people would be thinking - "Why didn't you just go to the Doctor?"  

I don't know... I seem to have an allergy to sitting in waiting rooms for a start but also I think a big part of the problem was what if they find something that means I have to slow down or even worse if I need an operation!!!  I've had two C-sections and I'm not in a hurry to go back to hospital anytime soon.

It's amazing how you start to justify living with a problem.  I always thought maybe it's just me and I can't handle it or am I being a hypercondriac? I told myself it's not THAT bad when I wasn't experiencing any of the symptoms! 

Addressing the Problem

Then one of my friends said to me "Why are you putting up with this?"  Good question!  So I went off to the doctor and well I guess the rest is history.  

Yeah I had to sit in a waiting room (shudder) but when the Consultant came and I told her my issue she was extremely sympathetic.   I then felt like I had all these "medical angels" giving me options and making sure I didn't leave the hospital until we had a plan in place to rectify the problem.

When I jumped into the car three hours later, I burst out crying because this very problem that had been an issue for five years now felt like we had a solution within a few hours.  Then I was cranky with myself for waiting for so long!!!

A different Problem

A few days later I sat at my computer reading horrific stories about girls trapped in prostitution in the UK.  I felt frustrated.

  • Firstly, how come people don't know what is going on in their own neighbourhood?!?
  • Secondly, why are we as humans allowing this human rights abuse to exist?

I mean I don't know too many people that think it is OK for European women in a large UK city to be trafficked and to "service" so many men every hour.  Think this is just a statistic?  No, this is one of many stories happening in the city I live in that I have heard about in the past couple of weeks.  Oh and I forgot to mention, one of the women was 9 months pregnant. UGH! This is just plain devastating and wrong.

When did we as a community, as a nation, as a world become comfortable with a growing problem?  Maybe there are a lot more people just like me and my physical problem:

You ignore it - ignorance is bliss right?

You learn to accommodate the problem because of fear of what you might find out is uncomfortable.

You ultimately learn to live with it because it doesn't disrupt your life every single day - only sometimes.

Have we as a society learnt to co-exist with the problem of injustice?

So with that question in our minds we decided to start a Latest News Page on our website.  A page where we do the researching on what is going on in the world on social justice issues and we let you know through social media.  

We want to encourage YOU to be more informed so that you can join with others to make a difference.

One voice doesn't make a difference, but many voices starts a movement that says, "Hey we are dissatisfied with this problem in our city, nation and beyond.  We refuse to co-exist with this problem any longer."

The time has come... to be dissatisfied.