​The Rubik’s Cube of Life

18th Apr 2016

Recently one of my male friends introduced my 14 year old son to solving the Rubik’s Cube.  Not only doing the Rubik’s Cube but challenging himself to get quicker and time himself with every go.

I have always been amused at people who do this little annoying cube.  I seriously can’t work it out and I remember when I was young trying to peel stickers off and stick them back on to make it look like I had achieved it!

My son can now achieve getting all the sides lined up in less than two minutes!  He said to me “anyone can do it Mum!” to which I roll my eyes and tell him I’m not that way inclined but I thought hey I might give it a go. 

Well, I can tell you it doesn’t come naturally for me and I did give up after a little while - let’s face it Mums don’t have time to sit there working out algorithms when the washing is piling up!  However I did manage to get some colours lined up and to me that felt like an achievement.

Rubik Cube

But it got me thinking how life and justice is like that of a Rubik's Cube. Our lives can start out all lined up and perfect but along the way it becomes messy and mixed up. Then we find ourselves trying to work our way back, trying to line all the colours back up again. It can seem impossible, take a long time and confusing.  My mind then starts thinking:

  • There are 27 million people stuck in human trafficking - it seems like an impossible task to fix. 
  • Women are dying everyday in developing countries because of childbirth - something is awry there in this day and age when we have so much at our disposal. 
  • I feel saddened about children who have lost both parents - I am sure they feel like their stickers have been ripped off and no amount of glueing is every going to make their cube be the same ever again.

Then I think about my son and the skill he has learnt to take that messed up cube and skilfully turn it this way and that way until all the colours line up again. He took small steps to learn how to bring that cube back to its correct position. I may not ever be able to do the Rubik’s Cube but how can I use my life in some small way to help turn someone’s life around. How can you help?

  • It may be by getting involved or donating to your local charity or organisation
  • Or purchasing fair trade products or supporting social enterprises when buying products or even gifts.
  • Perhaps going on a short term trip with a charity and donating time and your expertise in a country of need.

Imagine if we all played in the game of life and turned that cube of life just one small way for one person that in turn helps them to start having a better life. Time is ticking and people need rescuing, people need help. 

At The Justice Brand we know we can’t do everything and save everyone - even though we would love to - but little things matter and a whole lot of little turns together can make a big difference to someone’s life.  The support of customers has allowed us to do many things but a few come to mind:

  • Your support allows us to sponsor five children in India each month who have lost their parents due to persecution.
  • Your support means birthing kits are being sent out to help women and babies during the birthing process in rural communities.
  • Your support means we are looking at ways we can raise our voice on human trafficking and how can we be a part of fixing this problem.

Life is colourful. Life is messy. But together we can all make a difference for others. Use your skill, your voice, your hands to make a difference today.

I’m off to try and achieve the Rubik Cube of Life.