The day I became undone

19th May 2016

Wow - the past two days have been some of my favourite days EVER! Apart from being born, getting married, having kids... well you get the picture. It is right up there.

The Justice Brand was invited to come and speak at two different locations to two different groups of women about what we do. I had it in my mind we would come, tell our story and then invite them to help make up some gift boxes that we could donate to women's charities at the end of the year.

What I didn't expect was to be so moved by these women. As some of them shared their stories, I became undone.

Undone by their courage.

Undone by their ability to rise above difficulties they have faced.

Undone by their desire to help others.

As we spoke we could see their concern about the different subjects we talked about. There is something about women - the compassion they have for others, for those suffering. To have these women come up and offer to help beyond that day has made me extremely humbled.

To all the women out there, on behalf of the Justice Brand, we say we see you, we see how time and time again you rise above adversity, we see your compassion for others, we see your passion to want to help others in need.

And we say thank you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Thank you for teaching us afresh that love knows no limits and has no prejudices.


The Justice Brand Team


PS The women made up 90 gift boxes which will be donated to various women's charities helping women through the process of domestic and/or sexual abuse and those rescued from trafficking.

Coffee Stop - Gorgie

Coffee Stop - Gorgie

Making up boxesCoffee Stop - Leith

Coffee Stop - Leith

Items to go into the boxesFinished Boxes

Items going into the gift boxes and finished gift boxes