People or Profit

29th Mar 2016

Ok, so I admit it!  Most days I get annoyed about something.  It's like I have an inbuilt justice annoyance gene and even though I try to stay calm and rational there is a high chance I won't remain that way as the day progresses.

Today is no exception.

You see my kids are on holidays and this means I get to work from home and take it easy for the day.  So whilst I am not a twitter user (what can I say, putting what I need to say in what 140 characters stresses me out!) I was flicking through twitter and came across a large corporation who had a naked woman on the front with a bag so perfectly placed to cover her chest to conveniently be sexualised enough but not too much to make it offensive on social media.  

This is an organisation that is targeting young impressionable girls.  This is a company many of us would shop at for accessories for either ourselves or our daughters.  Yet we as parents have become so passive to the sexualisation of women and girls that we would probably walk straight past this poster in the window (but our young boys I can bet you aren't just walking straight past and not noticing it!)

When did we become a world that cares more about profit than people?  And more importantly, when did we as parents become voiceless and have bought into the whole image scene (pouting lips that look like a fish and all!)

I know some people will probably be rolling their eyes right about now thinking hey why be such a party pooper?  Can I tell you why apart from the obvious - I have impressionable teenage kids - but statistics don't lie.

One group we endorse and support is an organisation called Collective Shout - they campaign against the sexualisation of women and children.  And this is what they say on the subject:

"Women and girls receive the toxic message that their main value and worth comes from their sex appeal. The global research tells us that the proliferation of these images is linked to common mental health problems such as low self esteem, poor body image, eating disorders, depression, self harm and even suicide. We are making our girls sick."

We are making our girls (and boys) sick with what we are allowing in the market place.  Many years ago my sister told me a quote and I have never forgot it.

       What one generation allows, the next generation enjoys

The world of sexualisation in marketing and media has descended upon us rapidly and caught many parents unaware at how sexualised our world has become.  But there is still time to stand up and be counted.  We can still have a voice, we can still make a difference.  We just need a group of people who won't stay silent on things that matter.

The reason I wanted to start The Justice Brand was not only to sell products that allow us to give our profits to worthwhile charities and organisations that are dealing with many social issues around the world.  It was also to be a brand that is a voice into the consumer world that educates YOU on issues that matter.  We know life is busy and there is so much clutter out there to navigate but if you come on the journey with us as a brand we will alert you to social issues that need to be heard.

We are a brand that want to put people first.  We will never exploit to profit.  I love our little thank you cards that go out with every order sold on our retail website.  This is our mandate - making people's lives better.


1) Make your voice be heard.  Write into companies that are using sexualised images and make a complaint.  Write something on their social media - they really won't like the bad publicity especially if the public get hold of it and start sharing.

2) Speak loudly with your purchases.  Don't shop there!  Go support organisations who take social responsibility seriously - whether that be from making sure fair wages are paid to ensuring they aren't contributing to creating a toxic society for our children.

3) Become educated.  Follow groups like and Not Buying It  

Today as I try not to let my blood boil over large corporations who are exploiting women to gain sales - I put my inbuilt justice annoyance gene to use and I write to let others know - hey it's time to change this culture.  Are you with me?