How it all began - Part 2

11th May 2016

An idea is just an idea unless you have a group of people behind you to make that idea a reality.

It takes a community

This is what we have had since the beginning - a community of volunteers. To see how my Dad came alongside my Mum and willing to  help in so many ways to keep this operation running smoothly.  My sisters also are so passionate and talented and we all have a good cry when we hear a sad story or need and that motivates us into action.  We have had our family, extended family and friends all volunteer to help with the different causes we have been able to donate into over the years.

The most amazing part of this journey has been how so many women (and a few men) have been willing to help.

We have seen women cook for fundraising High Teas, products being made and donated such as beautiful wood products, cards, and donations from businesses. At our fundraising events, people didn't care if they were in the kitchen washing up or on the stage educating people about a particular subject. They all were willing to help in any way for the cause of which we were working towards.

Thank you!

People hearing a need and rising to the occasion will always inspire me that the world can offer hope. To every single person who has ever been a part of what we have done, from the bottom of our hearts we say

Thank you for being a part of the justice journey.  Without you, none of what stands today would ever exist.