How it all began - Part 1

How it all began - Part 1

9th May 2016

Many people ask how did everything we do begin? I thought what a perfect time to write something with the celebrating of Mother's Day yesterday around certain parts of the world.

The idea

The idea for raising funds for the poor and needy began with my Mum. Just over 10 years ago, she had it on her heart to help the orphans, the widows, the poor, the vulnerable. She had an idea of buying discontinued stock from a wholesale fashion accessories company and to take those items and go sell at women's events, organised fund-raisers and any other avenue that seemed appropriate.

Emerging of a team

Other people loved the idea and offered to help thus seeing a little voluntary team emerge. Everyone involved worked full time or were full-time mothers but believed in what she was doing and was happy to be a part of it. This little idea has steadily grown and grown. An idea from a Mum, who was concerned about others, has today grown into a social enterprise that spans two continents and seen over £125,000 donated to various charities.

She is very humble and not self-promoting - in fact, she was hesitant about me writing this when I mentioned it. I told her I wouldn't boast but I would write the truth - then I followed my text with a whole string of emojis which I am sure she is now worried! :-)


If you are one of the organisations or charities who have been the recipients of funds from our not for profit - you have a humble, faithful woman, Mother and Grandmother to thank. To this day she works in the business taking orders, packing orders and driving parcels to the post office totally voluntarily all because she believes in helping others.

So, here is a woman in my world who I have the utmost admiration for, and not because she is my Mum (which I am VERY THANKFUL she is) but because of the life she lives - one full of love and for others. She is my inspiration. We are all capable of being a part of helping others and seeking justice where it is needed. Just start with an idea.