Come meet the team

4th Apr 2016

We thought we might start introducing some of the faces behind The Justice Brand here in the UK so we don't seem like we are a faceless enterprise.

First up is our vivacious, task orientated Catherine affectionately known as Kitty.  

Kitty has been with us for nearly three years come August and is one of the most enthusiastic encouragers we have ever met.  She comes from the Shetland Islands so has a fantastic accent, can roll her 'r's" like no other and our first half an hour each day is a catch up even though we saw each other the night before.  We then work through lunch to make up for our late start!  She always makes us laugh and is the most energetic storyteller.


Kitty is so task orientated and Mrs "No Hoarding Anything Ever!" which makes her a brilliant addition to our team. Seeing the difference from when she started to now having learnt so much about social justice issues she has become a fire cracker for justice.

Not only is she part of the team but her family have become like our family.  There have been plenty of times when her husband Stephen has come in and worked after hours to help us. We enjoy hanging out together outside of work, especially playing board and card games where the feisty red head shows her competitive side but that works well when the girls are on the same side and beating the boys all the time.

We are both blessed with great husbands who put up with all our antics - especially when we send them texts like this:

I agree

But in all seriousness, Kitty has become like a sister.  She lovingly tells us things she sees that might need changing or improvements which we admire and love about her because we value upfront honesty.  She is always encouraging us to dream bigger, have a go and to keep fighting.  

Here is to all the task orientated, no clutter people of the world.  Without you, us dreamers wouldn't go very far!

We love you Kitty!