A new journey

A new journey

30th Jul 2015

It's 2015 and I wonder where has the years gone!  As I think back to where the journey started 3 years ago with this little eco-bag aptly named the Justice Bag.

Starting out in Brisbane, Australia we saw a wave of support from retailers and the public from the start.  Eight months later we introduced the Justice Bags to the U.K. 

Again, we saw growth beyond what we anticipated.  What I love the most about this journey is the ability to give to those in the world who have had unimaginable hardship whether it be trafficking, abuse and poverty.  So far in three short years we have donated from the profits of the Justice Bags from Australia and the UK over $100,000 Australian Dollars (£50,000 Pounds) to various charities all around the world.  

However, a restlessness inside of me has been stirring that I want to do more, give more, be compelled more to make a difference.  I can honestly say I don't want fame, wealth or glory, I just want to change people's lives - that is my life's mandate and what I am most passionate about.

So, with that desire and rejoicing in the growth of the Justice Bags we are now launching a whole new company called "The Justice Brand" to which I am so excited about the future of this company.  Our products will be on-trend, every day items or gifts that allows you to be a part of our social enterprise that gives back to those in need.

We are all about partnership.  Partnering with suppliers, charities but most importantly the people who help us exist - people like you!

Please connect with us through social media or contact us via email -  If you are a retailer and would like to partner with us click here.

Check out who we support on the charity page and we would love for you to come on the journey of justice with us... cause we are all about Justice.

Here's to new horizons!