Time to be dissatisfied

Time to be dissatisfied

2nd May 2016

The ProblemJust over a week ago I had an appointment with the hospital.  This appointment was the beginning of trying to rectify a long history of a physical aliment I had been "coping" with for … read more

​The Rubik’s Cube of Life

18th Apr 2016

Recently one of my male friends introduced my 14 year old son to solving the Rubik’s Cube.  Not only doing the Rubik’s Cube but challenging himself to get quicker and time himself with every go.I … read more

Come meet the team

4th Apr 2016

We thought we might start introducing some of the faces behind The Justice Brand here in the UK so we don't seem like we are a faceless enterprise.First up is our vivacious, task orientated Catherine … read more

People or Profit

29th Mar 2016

Ok, so I admit it!  Most days I get annoyed about something.  It's like I have an inbuilt justice annoyance gene and even though I try to stay calm and rational there is a high chance … read more
A new journey

A new journey

30th Jul 2015

It's 2015 and I wonder where has the years gone!  As I think back to where the journey started 3 years ago with this little eco-bag aptly named the Justice Bag.Starting out in Brisbane, Australia … read more